Player Award Guidelines

Player Award Guidelines
Player Award 1st, 2nd & 3rdare determined by the Manager & Coach at the end of the game, usually after match score details are finalised with the opposing team. This data is entered through the Lions website Team Admin link.The idea of match points is to recognise good soccer for what it is. Managers & Coaches are under no obligation to “fairly” distribute points amongst the players over the season. 

Coaches & Managers are strongly advised not to disclose to the players how match points have been allocated.

The match points system works as follows.

First is awarded to the outstanding player of the match on the day. The Manager & Coach use their discretion to determine 'outstanding'. For example it could be recognition for a short outstanding burst of football creativity (maybe they secretly wish that they could have done what they have seen!) Otherwise it could be solid defence work, heroic goal keeping, clever midfield work to set up a goal or goal attempt. They may have scored their first goal.

Important Qualification

Scoring a lot of goals should not necessarily result in a First being awarded. Players receiving a First also encourage their team players, are fair with possession of the ball & always show respect to their team members, the opposition & the referee or game coordinator

Where awarding a First is a little easier, awarding Second is a little harder. Second can be awarded to the player that shows great determination in getting to the ball first. They may display courage in defence or attack & gave a 100% effort throughout the match. They may have successfully applied something learned at training in the game. They may have scored their first goal. They may have displayed good sportsmanship by for example collecting the ball for the opposing player to take a kick-in or throw in.

Awarding a Third gives the Manager & Coach the opportunity to recognise a players commitment to the team by for example playing in a different position to their normal position, taking on the position of goal keeper knowing that it is their turn. Having a solid first or second half where they show signs of a new or higher level of understanding the game, their role or the position that they play. Third could be seen as the match point for showing improvement.