Linesman Duties

Linesman duties

For teams U12 and up only.

The linesman is also known as the assistant referee.

When the referee enters your field of play before the kickoff go up to him/her and make yourself known as your teams linesman.He/she will tell you what side of the ground they want you on and will give you a flag. The ref will let you know what they expect of you.

Go to the side indicated (same side for both halves) and wait for kickoff.

Once play has started, you must keep yourself in line with the second last defender on the field (the goal keeper usually being the last defender), so you need to always position yourself to follow that line.

Don’t go past the half way mark, which is your boundary, but do indicate the ball out of play anywhere along your side of the field.

You will be expected to indicate with the flag
1. when the ball has gone out over the sideline, and to which team the throw should be awarded,  by pointing the flag in the direction of attack for that team
2. When the ball has gone out over the goal line at your end of the field, and whether or not is is a corner or goal kick.
3. if there is a foul unnoticed by the referee, by first waving the flag, then pointing the flag to indicate the direction of attack for the team awarded the free kick
4. if you think there has been an off side infringement (click here for a summary of off side rules)

For points 2 & 3, sometimes the ref will wave away the infringement and continue play for an advantage situation. If so, lower the flag and continue as before.