Team Managers - 2018

    U6 Jaguars Team Manager
    Rebecca Lloyd-Jones - (M) 0431 186 952 EMail:

    U6 Leopards Team Manager
    Angelina Royle

    U7 Lightning Team Manager
    Tyler Beebe

    U7 Thunder Team Manager
    Michelle Key

    U8 Falcons Team Manager
    Kristine Wadeson

    U8 Hawks Team Manager
    Jessica Varnum

    U9 Foxes Team Manager
    Neidra Motha

    G12 Stars Team Manager
    Tyler Beebe

    U12A Team Manager
    Naomi Earle

    U14A Team Manager
    Andrew Peters - (M) 0433 351 651 EMail:

    U14S Team Manager
    Andrew Peters - (M) 0433 351 651 EMail:

    U18A Team Manager
    Brett Sato - (M) 0404 062 683 EMail:

    U18A Team Asst Mngr
    alfred esteban - (M) 0419 172 332 EMail:

    M35 Team Manager
    Adam Panarello - (M) 0433 44 1118 EMail:

    M45 Team Manager
    Leslie Fleming - (M) 0448 181 442 EMail:

    M45 Team Asst Mngr
    David Lowe - (M) 0414 564 509 EMail:

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