Committee - 2020

    Mike Penny - (M) 0417 441 079 EMail:

    Mark Copsey EMail:

    Aidan Smith - (M) 0404 439 464 EMail:

    Gear Manager
    Jess Varnum EMail:

    Ground Coordinator
    Paul Johnson EMail:

    Larissa Holmes EMail:

    Website admin
    Les Fleming - (M) 0448 181 442 EMail:

    Member Protection Officer
    Naomi Lyall - (M) 0425370212 EMail:

    Committee member
    Christopher Mcdougall - (M) 0439 869 007 EMail:

    Committee member
    Adam Panarello EMail:

    Committee member
    Jon Anstee - (M) 0431572122 EMail:

Co Ordinators - 2020

    U10 Age Cooordinator
    Geoff Wadeson EMail:

    U6 Age Coordinator
    Natalie Miles - (M) 0405 287 643 EMail:

    U7 Age Coordinator
    Patrick Chew - (M) 0425 847 169 EMail:

    U8 Age Coordinator
    Sylvia Ulevik - (M) 0404 294 970 EMail:

    U9 Age Coordinator
    Peter Scroope EMail:

Team Managers - 2020

    U6 Jaguars Team Manager
    Nicholas Ivey

    U6 Leopards Team Manager
    Michelle Key

    U6 Tigers Team Manager
    Jane Williams

    U7 Lightning Team Manager
    Paul Bennett

    U7 Thunder Team Manager
    Angelina Royle

    U8 Falcons Team Manager
    Peter Scroope EMail:

    U8 Hawks Team Manager
    Stephanie Smith

    U9 Foxes Team Manager
    Daniel McMahon

    U9 Wolves Team Manager
    Daniela Foote - (M) 0423 107 755 EMail:

    U10 United Team Manager
    Joanna Crighton

    G12 Stars Team Manager
    Paula Gilsenan

    U16A Team Manager
    Andrew Peters - (M) 0433 351 651 EMail:

    AA Team Manager
    Thomas Sato

    M45 Team Manager
    Brian Hay - (M) 0409 810 160 EMail:

    M45 Team Asst Mngr
    Les Fleming - (M) 0448 181 442 EMail:

Team Coaches - 2020

    U6 Jaguars Team Coach
    Gustavo Chimeli

    U6 Leopards Team Coach
    Young Sun Oh

    U6 Tigers Team Coach
    Paul Bennett

    U7 Lightning Team Coach
    Paul Bennett

    U7 Thunder Team Coach
    Graham Crighton

    U7 Thunder Team Asst Coach
    Pamela Riddett

    U8 Falcons Team Coach
    Shah Delilkhan

    U8 Hawks Team Coach
    Matthew Skinner

    U10 United Team Coach
    Robert Kneeshaw - (M) 0402 830 555 EMail:

    U10 United Team Asst Coach
    Larissa Holmes EMail:

    G12 Stars Team Coach
    Kate Sainsbury

    G14A Team Coach
    Jon Anstee

    U16A Team Coach
    Mike Penny - (M) 0417 441 079 EMail:

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